"Photographic Works" updated

Proofs, tests, exercises in style, amusements…”photographic works” that do not end up in new projects or lines of investigation and tend to be forgotten in some dark and lonely place in the hard drive of my ancient computer. Maybe that was their place, but I do think everyone and everything deserves a chance. Thus, I’ll go posting examples of my photographic impulsiveness and therefore prolific taking of pictures. In order to avoid the possible chaos and disorder of such an exercise, I’ll try to put them into groups or series, connected to each other to a greater or lesser extent.

Sometimes things become quite different from expected and, after 200 posts of Photographic Works (just 1 that I'll publish soon to reach that figures), the above paragraph fails completely to explain the results of my photographic wanderings around the city I inhabit.
Even if it’s true that nothing ended up comprising a “big” project, the photographs did end up comprising coherent series which developed into “clusters”.
Groups of photographs that show other “views” of the urban landscape from different and varied perspectives, often unnoticed or hidden, but sometimes inexplicably forgotten; maybe rejected as uninteresting or not worthy of deserving our attention during our daily transit through the city, guided by our routines and duties and the excess of a “spectacular” imagery which pursue us relentlessly, constantly blurring the limits between reality and fiction.

Maybe, that’s why only through the dérive has been possible to reunite more than 500 photographs of a city’s urban and human landscape gathered in meaningful series; so that, anyone who so wishes, can accompany me in this constant rediscovery of the inhabited city through a personal and subjective lens, yes, but quite different from the one that usually pinpoints what should be looked or disregarded.

In order to make things easier, and thanks to PhotoArte Komite, we have brought together the best and more significant photographs of each series – at least in our view – in their correspondent photobooks (or Phakebooks as we like to call them) that we will publish on-line on diverse web sites. Also, I will publish them through different posts as well as in the element page devoted to Phakebooks in this very blog.
That’s all for now, I hope…